Steel doors

Steel doors are recognized for superior security benefits as well as their insulation factor. These doors can be painted to coordinate with any home color schemes. Roniz steel doors come in a wide variety of panel designs and glass options and are available in both steel edge and wood edge construction.They feature high-definition decorative panel profiles that closely replicate the appearance of a high-end smooth wood door with the ultimate in security. Our steel doors can be painted to coordinate with any home color schemes and come in a wide variety of panel designs and glass options and are available in both steel edge and wood edge construction.


1. Door Frames Primed, Vinyl Clad, Solid Vinyl, Aluminum Clad, or Oak frames, complete with weather stripping and exterior trim, make your door an energy efficient prehung unit. 2. Weather stripping Compression weather stripping on the hinge side and magnetic weather stripping on the lock side seals out the heat and cold. Your door seals like a refrigerator. 3. Door Lites Energy efficient door lites come standard with safety tempered insulated glass. Lite frames are made with a heat and UV resistant material. This means you will never have to paint your lite frame. Plus, there’s no thermal distortion from heat build-up, even behind a storm door. 4. Rigid Steel Construction Tough, durable 24 gauge galvanized steel door surfaces resist rust, peeling, and warping. Our doors feature fully thermally broken construction, utilizing a wood stile and composite rail perimeter. 5. Lock Block A wood reinforced lock block provides strength and security in the lock area. 6. High Definition Door Panels Panels feature deep embossing which is sharp and detailed on both sides of the door. 7. Superior Sill Construction Our superior sill is designed to prevent energy loss and any build-up of condensation. The sill with high-dam design, exceeds ASTM E283-91 air and ASTM E331-93 water infiltration standards. 8. Polyurethane Foam Core For consumers looking to improve their energy efficiency over polystyrene core doors, our CFC and HCFC free, polyurethane core does not harm the ozone and provides excellent insulation (u-value 0.12). 9. Door Bottom Sweep Flexible double-bulb bottom sweep seals by keeping out hot and cold air.


10. Energy Star 11 Flexible Weatherstripping Flexible weatherstripping around the perimeter of the door jamb ensures a tight seal to reduce heat loss. 12. Frame Members Frame members are selected wood species, kiln dried and finger jointed to minimize warping. 13. Steel Faces Steel faces wrapped around top & bottom edges. Double wrapped around vertical edges for rigidity. Both steel faces are hot dipped galvanized for resistance to rust & corrosion. Factory applied primer. 14. Solid Wood Lock Block The solid wood lock block provides reinforcement in the critical lock area. 15. Polyurethane Foam Core Solid polyurethane foam core is injected between the two steel facings to fill every air space and permanently bonded to provide outstanding insulation and stability. 16. Continuous Wood Perimeter Continuous wood perimeter provides a thermal break between outside and inside surfaces to eliminate frost and condensation. 17. Bottom Weatherstrip And Corner Seals The multi-finned adjustable bottom weatherstrip and corner seals provide a positive seal against air and water infiltration. 18. Aluminum & Vinyl Sill The aluminum and vinyl sill is thermally broken to eliminate frost transfer. Together with the adjustable bottom weatherstrip this system provides a true barrier against water and air infiltration. There is also an internal drainage system.