Bay and Bow windows

Bay windows are usually built when you have a beautiful view outside. These are three sided windows with the middle section being parallel to the wall of the house & two side windows angled inward.

Bay and Bow windows are designed in such a manner that they add a charm to the exterior as well as provide good light and ventilation. In appearance, Bow windows and bay windows look alike but the bow has 4, 5 or more windows that appear to be round rather than angular.You can add a whole new dimension, character and charm to any room in your home with a Bay or Bow Window. Bow windows are projection windows that have the benefit of adding space to a home. They don’t project outward as far as Bay windows, and have more glass panels and softer, more rounded angles. Interior designers love bow windows because their outward extension invites the creation of a very picturesque setting in the home, one that allows for a magnificent exterior view.


  • Very versatile; these are known for being in Victorian styled homes but now they are being used in modern homes as well. Though these windows are mostly installed in kitchens and living rooms you can also install them in bedrooms.
  • Provides ample ventilation; these types of windows usually have at least two windows that can be opened. This means that when they are open you have ventilation from two different sources or directions coming into a room. This is great for a beautiful day when a nice gentle breeze is blowing outside; you can enjoy the breeze without going out in the scorching sun.
  • an nicely frame a view; since these windows are usually larger than your average window they let a lot of light in. they not only let in a lot of light but allow you to see far more of your outdoor scenery. If windows placement is planned based on the views around your home, a bay or bow window could be an ideal frame for a panoramic view.
  • Adds aesthetic appeal and value; these look great on the outside and on the inside they are usually dressed up with decorative elements. Among the more popular items that are placed on these window sills include flowers, pictures of loved ones and other décor items such as candles and other ornaments


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