Fiberglass entry doors are made up of fiberglass and are burst with the polyurethane insulation. It makes them extremely beneficial for Canada homes. Such doors are well designed and made of solid materials. You may either use them as plain and simple or can paint them so as to suit the home exterior.These doors are a perfect fit for modern buildings worldwide for their rich appearance, long lasting ability and easy maintenance. Like wood, fiberglass doors do not distort by absorbing the moisture. The feature of restricted water penetration makes these doors first choice of all who are interested in adding more exquisiteness and curbing the appeal of their domestic structures in Toronto.


Whether you are considering contemporary front doors in Toronto or its nearby area, you need to put emphasis on the fiberglass entry doors in Toronto in order to have best door solutions without adding any sort of burden to your pocket. Unlike other door types, fiberglass doors need very little care to maintain its beauty and elegance. In addition, these doors show less wear and tear over time than other doors made up of costly materials.

These doors can work well against heavy windy season and heavy rains. And it happens due to their inherent weather resistance and reliability. Candidly, all these features make fiberglass doors a great option for Canadian homeowners who want to add more beauty and excellence to their homes without affecting their budget.


1. High-Performance Fiberglass Facings

Specially engineered fiberglass door facings provide maximum protection and durability. The door surface produces an authentic wood door appearance by utilizing variable depth, wood-grain texture that finishes easily and beautifully. Fiberglass doors will not dent and resists splitting, cracking and warping.

2. Decorative Glass Designs

Doors are factory glazed with custom-sized inserts to yield wider glass and narrower stiles & rails – similar to authentic hardwood doors. Ask about our coloured glass options.

3. Engineered Stiles

Hinge and lock stiles feature laminated lumber, providing excellent dimensional stability.

4. True Square-Edge Design

The square-edge design offers an attractive wood door appearance and permits easy field machining.

5. Internal Blocking

Lock area is reinforced with a lock block to provide a solid mounting surface for decorative hardware.

6. Rot-Resistant Bottom Rail

A high-performance, composite material is utilized on all bottom rails, giving excellent rot-resistance.