Fixed windows

Fixed windows are window designs that do not include any sashes or sections of the window that are configured to open and close.This window looks like casement but it does not open. Fixed windows can add plenty of light into your home.Available in High or Low profile. Some standard features include: Fixed units do not open, Can be easily installed alone or in combination with other styles, Internal Drainage System. Fixed windows can come in many different sizes and shapes.


  • here is one clear advantage of fixed windows: energy savings. Any kind of window that opens—slider windows, double-hung windows, casement windows—has some kind of gap that will let energy in or out.
  • Fixed windows, if installed correctly, have no gaps of any kind. So, one of the great advantages of fixed windows is that they help you save energy.


  • Combination of fixed and sliding windows
  • Triple glazing: 3 panes of sealed insulating glass unit
  • Decorative muntin bars
  • Window accessories: brick moulding, drywall return, nailing flange, wood boxes
  • Glazing options: tinted, tempered, frosted, energy-efficient Low-E and argon gas glass 5 ¼, 6 ¼, and 7 ¼.