Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows consist of a fixed upper sash and a movable lower sash. These windows are easy to clean and offer greater insulation. Single hung windows operate vertically and come with half size screen. Single Hung vinyl windows contain a structural frame and a sash which provides architectural reliability as well as an elegant appearance. Because they open up instead of out, single hung vinyl windows don’t take up exterior space when open. This makes them ideal for areas like adjoining walkways, porches, patios and other high-traffic areas.


  • Beveled exterior frame
  • Choice of Sol-R® Gain 180, Sol-R® Shield 272 or Sol-R® Shield Plus 366
  • Triple fin weather seals
  •  PPG Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System
  •  Fully welded sash and frame
  •  Multi cavity, sloped stepped sill
  •  Molded sash profile
  • Constant force balance system for smooth and easy operation
  •  Decorative cam action locks
  •  Low profile tilt latches
  •  Easy-to-clean tilt-in sash
  •  Night latches (optional)
  •  Full or half Screen
  •  Self aligning T pins


  • Energy Wise Low-E Argon insulating glass. 7/8″ Double or 1 1/8″ Triple glazed IG’s
  • Obscure, Grey, and Bronze tint glass
  • Universal brickmould (widths of 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 4″) with integrated siding return
  • Optional 100% Sandstone PVC colour inside and out with Bronze Hardware
  •  Adapter for exterior aluminum finish
  • Combo PVC colours provide the optional look that sets a home apart from the norm. With Combo Colours, homeowners can let their imagination go when considering the design of their home’s outside appearance. Available colours: Sandstone; Cafè; Almond; with white on the inside.
  • Custom painting available Full or half Screen