Awning window

Awning window designs feature glass panels that are hinged at the top & swing outward to open. The most unique feature of these windows is that they can be opened as much as you want.

These windows are a great solution for places which needs a greater amount of privacy, viz. bedrooms.The look and shape of window is exactly the same as casement but it opens from the bottom not like casement window from left or right.


  •  Multi chambered extrusion for long-term structural integrity
  • Triple weather stripping prevents air and water penetration
  • Easy-clean hinges and the traveling sash on the awning for easy cleaning from inside the home
  • Pivoting screens on the pushout windows provide the best aesthetics with no unsightly wicket screens
  • Double thumb locks for better security as well as maximum air and water performance
  • Shadow grooved mitred corners for a more finished appearance


  • 3 ¼” frame depth
  • Truth hardware with patented E-guard
  • 7/8” sealed units
  • Triple weather seals
  • Fusion-welded and mitered corners
  • Scissor arm operation
  • Premium level locks
  • Multi chamber sash and frame