Double hung windows

Double hung windows are bigger windows with an opened top & a fixed bottom. These windows can be installed anywhere in the house. Because of their size, double hung windows offer excellent ventilation for the entire house.Both the bottom and top move up and down to let you get fresh air and have air circulation and also you can tilt bottom and top part inside in order to cleaning back side of your window from inside


  • Fusion-welded frame and sash corners for strength, and security; also help to prevent air infiltration.
  • Multi-chambered design increases insulation value, adds strength and prevents condensation.
  • Full interlocking sashes to maximize security and minimize air infiltration.
  • Both sashes tilt inward for effortless cleaning from inside the home.
  • Triple weather-stripping sealing system located on the sash for total air and water tightness.
  • Pocket head and sill with Quad-4 weather stripping to help keep cold air out.
  • Removable full screen lets you enjoy fresh summer air while keeping insects out.
  • Heavy-duty cam action locking system provides extra element of security.


  • Features our high-strength frames combined with high performance low E glass, in single or double glazed glass units.
  • Unsurpassed energy efficiency is achieved.
  • The movable sash is in-tilting – you’ll never have to go outside to clean your windows again.